New Life USA

Реабилитационный центр «New Live USA»

Наша церковь, и особенно молодёжь, последнее время активно учавствует в новом для нас служении. И это служение, помощь реабилитационному центру «New Live USA», расположенному среди полей штата Миссури. Недавно в нашу церковь приезжал руководитель центра, Евгений Кириллов. Рассказав церкви о целях и жизни центра, Евгений поделился с нами видео материалом, который мы с  удовольствием вам и представляем на этой странице.

Первое видео «Исповедь бывшего наркомана» просто должен просмотреть каждый родитель русского подростка. Вы можете узнать то, о чём вы никогда не думали, или просто не догадывались.

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Missions trip to Rehab center in Missouri (May 27 - June 2, 2012)

    I would like to talk about the purpose for the trip and also what we did there.  The purpose of the Missions trip to Missouri was three-fold.  Firstly, we wanted to Glorify God by being a light to the rehabilitants that were in this Rehab center.  Most of them come from Christian backgrounds and they know the right things the problem is that they are not living the Christian life.  Our goal was to show the Christian life not simply in our words but in our actions.  We did this primarily in two ways.  Firstly, we had two church services everyday one, in the morning and one in the evening.  In the Church services, we did not preach but instead shared our testimonies of how God changed our lives and we worshiped.  The second way in which we were a light to the rehabilitants was by working with them for a whole week.  We were mostly building a Greenhouse with them and as we worked, we got a chance to influence their lives by speaking into their lives.

    Our second purpose was to help Zheka and Tanya (The Director of the Rehab center and his wife), give them a break for a little bit. These people have dedicated their lives to helping out those who have fallen into drug and alcohol addictions. Finally, our third goal was to personally grow closer to and serve God.  We believe that the primary way to Experience God is to go out and serve him.  That is where our knowledge gets translated into action, where our Faith gets tested and where we learn that life is not about us but about this God before whom we will all stand to give an account for our lives.  I can speak personally for myself that through these trips to the Rehab Center I have personally gotten closer to God and have started serving him more.

Igor MonJoseph